Welcome to Boards to Style, We have been printing signs and graphics for about 10 years and a number of our customers have been wanting photo boards for blogging and photography so we have come up with a few designs. They come on 3mm rigid boards with a matte finish to let you take that ideal photo without the glare. 

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Permanent Exhibitions

Matte Finish

Sturdy 3mm Rigid boards

We make all boards in-house and Crafted Carefully

Black Marble

All Flat Lays come with a Matte finish to reduce glare 


"I absolutely love my style boards! The quality is amazing and light. I used to hate taking pictures of my cakes. These Style Boards make taking pictures so easy!!"

Tracey Warren

"I am not a professional photographer at all and these boards take all of my photos to a whole new level!"

Lauren Lane

" I love the ease and the versatility of taking photos with these style boards. I especially love that they are double sided."​

Paul Smitten